I began my career as an architect, a goal I had dreamed of since the age of twelve. 

But something unexpected happened during my years as a licensed professional and educator - I became increasingly interested in the business side of the creative process. I started to observe how architects worked with their clients and the general public, and the impact those interactions had on what ultimately was produced.  It wasn’t always pretty.

My professional story after that has three inflection points, each made possible by a  willingness to recognize new things I was drawn to or inspired by.  I began taking exploratory steps to testing new pathways, reluctantly at first and then with ever-increasing enthusiasm. 

Instead of assuming my life was already designed, I started designing my life.

Today I help people at all stages of their professional lives engage in more productive and fulfilling conversations that drive successful innovation initiatives, business decisions, and individual journeys.

Design Diplomacy enables these conversations through the seamless integration of collaborative design tools, coaching methods, mediation and facilitation techniques. I support one-on-one and group engagements that are action-oriented, human-centered, collaborative, and exploratory. 

So often times it happens that we live our lives in chains
And we never even know we have the key”

- The Eagles, Already Gone


for Individuals and Teams

Conflict is a natural part of any creative process, especially where there are differences of opinion on objectives, investments, or priorities. But productively engaging in conflict ...

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for Strategic Conversations

A facilitator’s primary job is to enable all attendees to fully participate by contributing their best thinking. I am a sought-after facilitator known for building trust-based relationships...

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for Executives and Design Leaders

At its core, coaching is about dispelling our personal myths of what’s possible, seeing things from new perspectives, and making space to develop ...

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Reflections on organizational change and individual growth in the worlds of design and business.

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“I would have rescheduled last night in a heartbeat. I was feeling unfocused, and not sure how to center myself on our work. You are acting as an amazing catalyst, breaking through some deep logjams and affecting a clarity which will be with me forever.”

— Connie S.