I help people at all stages of their professional lives engage in more productive and fulfilling conversations - dialogues that drive successful innovation initiatives, business decisions, and individual journeys.

As a consultant, facilitator, mediator, and coach with deep expertise in design-thinking, my work takes full advantage of the remarkable synergies among all of these practices. I enable conversations that are action-oriented, human-centered, collaborative, and exploratory.


for Individuals and Teams

Conflict is a natural part of any creative process, especially where there are differences of opinion on objectives, investments, or priorities. But productively engaging in conflict ...

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for Strategic Conversations

A facilitator’s primary job is to enable all attendees to fully participate by contributing their best thinking. I am a sought-after facilitator known for building trust-based relationships...

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for Executives and Design Leaders

At its core, coaching is about dispelling our personal myths of what’s possible, seeing things from new perspectives, and making space to develop ...

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Reflections on organizational change and individual growth in the worlds of design and business.

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“I would have rescheduled last night in a heartbeat. I was feeling unfocused, and not sure how to center myself on our work. You are acting as an amazing catalyst, breaking through some deep logjams and affecting a clarity which will be with me forever.”

— Connie S.