Stanford Graduate School of Business

Reimagining a Competitive Business Process

As an external consulting partner, I collaborated with a team of school administrators and leadership to explore the challenges associated with a mission-critical departmental process. I did this by guiding the team in validating existing ideas about key elements of the process, then clarifying and abstracting them to yield potential new options.

Through a variety of work session formats, I enabled the team to devise ways to operationalize these nascent concepts, and design specific “in market” experiments to test them. Through iterative prototyping, these experiments were designed to facilitate learning, evaluation, and roll-out of promising new aspects of a traditionally challenging and time-consuming process.

“What I found most interesting during our project was how fast we could get to something new given our time constraints. My inclination would have would have been to go deeper at each stage, but Laura kept it moving forward and still got to great results. It was a great lesson in what it takes to innovate…Ultimately, she helped us get to some very practical solutions that we should be able to implement. She helped me find clear direction in what could have been an overwhelming problem.” 

– Associate Admissions Director