Taproot Foundation

Evolving a Service Success Story

As the Vice President of Service Innovation, I collaborated with Taproot’s founder, executive directors, board, and staff to identify ways to evolve its flagship non-profit Service Grant Program.  I did this by designing a large-scale innovation initiative that was able to be managed by the organization’s own staff with my guidance.  As a result, Taproot not only discovered new ways to grow its program to achieve its mission, but also developed new capabilities and cultural norms for routinely engaging in innovation activities and intra-departmental collaborations.

“I think I speak on behalf of many ‘Roots when I say that Laura fundamentally changed the way I think. Her legacy of dynamic post-it note covered walls are so much more than just the colorful squares – they represent a critical shift she brought about in Taproot’s way of thinking that I strongly feel has already helped unlock so much more of our potential as an organization and as individual ‘Roots. It has been so inspiring to also see that translate to how we work with our Advisory Services clients and how they in turn engage their employees.”  – Managing Director, Advisory Services