Designing Customer ‘Experiences that Matter’

As the Director of Service Design, I led cross-functional service design and innovation initiatives at Marketo. Faced with a significant opportunity to set the standard in an industry (enterprise software) where service is rapidly becoming the differentiator, we addressed some classic organizational challenges associated with multi-touch point service delivery. These include working in a more systemic (not siloed) manner, embracing exploration (not just execution), and valuing solutions driven by customer insight (not just business data).

To address these challenges and more, we created a classic customer experience framework that establishes a common language for cross-functional collaboration, and successfully piloted and globally launched the first of several new service experiences.

Laura has an amazing ability to evaluate both the big picture while also focusing on the details. She is a creative and objective business leader who has a strong commitment to accomplishing the goals of the imperative at hand. She is gifted in her people and organizational skills that allow her to orchestrate stakeholders in a most effective and efficient manner that others have to only admire.” – VP, Value Consulting at Marketo