Major US Retailer

Building an Integrated Service Experience

As an external consulting partner, I designed and led the service strategy associated with an innovative new shopping experience. A key aspect of the approach was to define the behaviors that support solution-based (not sales-based) customer interactions and the critical moments, places, and roles associated with delivering an exceptional in-store experience that is both physical and digital.

Service prototyping was an important tool in this regard, and the first iteration took the form of a simple board game (played with members of the client team in a meeting room) that simulated a range of service scenarios and responses while imagining how to utilize spatial and digital assets and artifacts.  The learnings from early stage prototyping greatly informed the key moments that would be further refined and tested, live, in collaboration with retail staff and actual customers within a full-scale physical mock-up of the new retail environment.

“The refreshed approach recognizes that the traditional behind-the-counter model of selling beauty products doesn’t work for everyone…The best ingredient to success is to be reflective of what the customers are interested in. Customers evolve and change over time, not only in regards to the product, but how they like to be served. In the beauty segment, there is an opportunity to serve the customer in a different and a better way.” –, 11/21/13